Stoerer_Pool_165SIX Financial Information is a multinational financial data vendor headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and a division of SIX Group Ltd. SIX Financial Information gathers information from all of the world’s major trading venues directly and in real-time. The SIX Financial Information database has structured and encoded securities administration data for more than 16 million financial instruments (Jan 2015). SIX has 23 offices around the globe.


The SIX Financial Information products flow from the same single logical database, and are divided into four categories:

Reference Data and Pricing

SIX Financial Information’s main product, the Valordata Feed (VDF), is a source for reference and descriptive data and corporate actions. Based on a unique data model, VDF holds information on approximately 7.6 million financial instruments, drawing on over 850 trading venues and contributors. For calculated and evaluated prices, SFI offers a number of specific products within this category.

Market Data

SIX Financial Information’s market data products are real-time or delayed. The master database allows customers to link nearly 4,500 individual data elements across millions of active financial instruments for a clear view of investment positions. Services range from valuation pricing and real-time market data feeds to streamlined back-office products and all are used for improved straight-through processing.

Display Products

The SIX Financial Information display products provide easy access to the company’s full range of data. These products offer access to quotes, lists, charts, news, corporate fundamental data. Each of the SIX Financial Information display services offers the options and features most needed by a given sector. SFI also bundles its display products with fee-liable data such as news, company fundamentals and ratings.


SIX Financial Information also provides tailor-made as well as ready-made solutions. The ready-made solutions include a real-time index /indicative NAV calculator, on-line brokerage systems, and even white-labeled websites.

See SIX Annual Report 2014